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The speed of modern advancements in media and technology in America allows for few opportunities to reconsider the frameworks set up by others around us or to look beyond them. My drive to investigate and question the world around me stems from my goal to understand the unbiased truth. I strongly believe that national news sources, social media, and big technology companies in our modern American society are set up as a means of control, and that fear and complacency are used to maintain power. My works aim to target these factors and to reconstruct common imagery and machinery in order to provide a space for questions in well-established aspects of the American lifestyle: mass produced media and technology. 


The works within this portfolio toggle between familiarity and the visual reconstruction of established ideas, which offers viewers opportunities to conceive new theoretical and real-world applications. Some works are acrylic paintings based on either canvas or samples of technology and media, and they are centered around the use of symbolic imagery and color choices. In a number of my paintings, I reconstruct compositions used in war propaganda or recognizable imagery within media and technology to propose questions within rigid statements and to learn how visual language can change a viewer’s interpretation. My use of lights in several of my pieces is intended to create a sense of immediate visual sensuality to loop the viewer into the image, similar to products from big media and technology companies. The collages are also designed to complicate visual narratives, and vary in application to explore different principles and elements that contribute to illusion and reality. My pieces are intended to be shown together in close proximity to encourage a flow of a conversation or thought process because this conversation does not have one plane, but rather it’s a multidimensional issue that has many faces and attitudes.